(Information on this page about what MDVIP is and its benefits is taken directly from the MDVIP website)

What does MDVIP mean?

   MDVIP stands for Medical Doctor and Value in Prevention.

What is MDVIP?

MDVIP started as an idea — an idea that was sparked in the minds of a few visionary doctors who were seeking to rekindle their passion for medicine once again, who knew there had to be a better way to fully care for — not merely treat — the patients  who flooded their waiting rooms and who believed the healthcare system had lost its way.

MDVIP seeks to achieve this by combining the high-tech tools of today and the high-touch practices of the past to make patients and doctors happier and healthier.

What are the benefits of MDVIP?

We strive to provide our patients with more than just healthcare. We go above and beyond what the traditional primary care practice offers. Our holistic, proactive approach to healthcare addresses your physical, mental and emotional well-being through one-on-one counseling and comprehensive diagnostic testing. Unlike traditional practices of 2,000 patients or more, each MDVIP-affiliated doctor cares for 600 patients or fewer, so you receive the extra time and attention you deserve.

MDVIP providers at Crystal Coast Family Practice: